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 About us:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pledged since its establishment to raise the intellectual and educational level of the citizen. The Kingdom has given development basics of special education services and great health care interest, in particular the Colleges of Dentistry, this interest culminated in the establishment of a tripartite committee of the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance and National Economy, and the Ministry of Higher Education the decision of the proposed establishment of the College of Dentistry in Dammam in 1405 AH 1984 G.


The College of Dentistry at the University of Dammam was the first college of its kind in the Eastern Province and the third dental institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following a ministerial directive in 1430 AH/2009 CE, the College of Dentistry became part of the newly established University of Dammam (formerly known as the Dammam campus of King Faisal University). The College of Dentistry began accepting male students in the fall of 2001 and female students in the fall of 2011. Since 2013 over 135 dentists have graduated from the College.

Please visit the College of Dentistry website for further information.